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    Botulinum toxin injections

Botulinum toxin treatment for migraine relief

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Who is it for?

Patients with headaches refractory to conventional medication (or requiring medication in excess of recommended maximum doses), starting in the frontal region (point of origin along the brow bone), temporal region (point of origin in the temples) and occipital region (point of origin in the nape of the neck).


Type of hospitalization


Duration of procedure

30 minutes (results visible after 48 to 72 h)


Type of anesthesia


Duration of results

60 to 90 days


Duration of social eviction



CHF 350 to 600


Duration of work stoppage


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For several years now, studies involving several thousand patients have demonstrated the efficacy of botulinum toxin infiltration as a treatment for chronic migraines.

At Global Medical Institute in Lausanne, your medical specialists have been using botulinum toxin injections to treat migraines on a daily basis for several years.

Botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin which, when administered by a specialist in low doses, temporarily paralyzes the muscles around the head and relieves certain migraines.

The most widely used injection protocol is called PREEMPT. It is based on the results of two more rigorous scientific studies on 1,384 patients with at least 15 migraine days a month (chronic migraines). This study identified an injection protocol adopted by most neurologists of 155-195 units of botulinum toxin, divided into 31-39 doses (injections) in 7 critical areas around the head, every 12 weeks. This protocol for patients suffering from chronic migraines has proved effective, and over the years more than 30 studies have been published. An analysis of all studies shows a reduction of at least 2 migraine days per month after botulinum toxin injections. This improvement is associated with minor side effects such as pain at the injection sites, reversible changes in facial expression and palpebral ptosis (i.e., drooping of the upper eyelid). Occasionally, swallowing difficulties (always temporary, but much more annoying) have been described.

Botulinum toxin can also be useful in situations of drug abuse (excessive use of drugs such as Triptans, which can trigger "drug-induced migraines"), to enable withdrawal or reduction of medication.

In Europe, patients considered eligible must have already tried at least 2-3 disease-modifying treatments without therapeutic effect.

It should be noted that a growing number of studies show a beneficial effect of botulinum toxin injections in treating depression, especially in cases of chronic depression refractory to conventional medication. This positive effect may well represent a double benefit for patients suffering from migraine and depression.

Botulinum toxin surgeons in Lausanne

At Global Medical Institute, our surgeons specialize in the use of botulinum toxin to treat migraines. Our protocol, based on scientific evidence and our experience with thousands of treatments to date, is optimized for certain types of migraine, and in some cases can achieve complete elimination of attacks. Injections are made at Global Medical Institute in specific areas, using very fine needles and precise techniques to ensure a virtually pain-free experience for patients.

The effects of the injections are evident for most patients as early as 2-3 days after the injections, and last for an average of 2-3 months.

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