Am I a candidate for migraine surgery?

Find out with a simple test

Before you start: for simplicity’s sake we’re talking about headaches in this questionnaire, but surgery can also be useful for migraines, Arnold's neuralgia and certain other forms of chronic headache refractory to traditional medication.

This test is intended as a guide only and in no way replaces the specialist advice of the Global Medical Institute's Doctors following an individual consultation.

Question 1
Can you identify a starting point (or points) of pain during a headache attack in the areas below?
A starting point (or points): it's important to distinguish between the point where the pain begins and the area where the pain subsequently spreads.
A - Temporal migraines
A - Temporal
B - Occipital migraines
B - Occipital
C - Frontal migraines
C - Frontal
Question 2
Do you have more than 5 headache days a month?
and / or
Do your headaches greatly affect your private/professional/social life?
Question 3
Are the medications used to treat attacks...
not effective?
and / or
are the side effects unbearable?
and / or
do the doses required exceed those recommended?